Who Do You Think I Am?
Who Do You Think I Am?
My most valuable skill? Forgetting what I've just said.

My most valuable skill? Forgetting what I've just said.

The voiceover's internal delete button, being a talking lift...and a new character is born on Twitter.
Turns out the ‘Rise and Fall’ Lift has a love life. Who knew?

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Voiceovers get to voice a lot of scripts about a wide range of subjects

Today, for instance, I’ve recorded projects about:

  • precisely how a luxury brand wants their merchandise to be displayed on shelves

  • all the egg-citing Easter activities offered by a large shopping centre

  • an audio tour of a factory that makes massive lorries.

Once these projects are voiced, edited and delivered they have to be mentally deleted.

For instance, it does not do a person any good to remember the ins and outs of industrial welding.

With each project I record, I voice it, send it, and forget about it. Instantly.

I’ve been doing this job for so long and I’ve had enough opportunities to perfect the art of forgetting that now I genuinely struggle to remember the projects I’ve literally just voiced.

I’m very grateful I’m able to do this. Can you imagine the MESS my memory would be in if I retained all the information I read?


So when I watched the first episodes of Channel 4’s ‘Rise and Fall’ (where I play the part of The Lift), it was a genuine surprise to be reminded of the names of the contestants, how the game works, who rises, who falls and who gets eliminated.

It was also very surreal to see myself being a talking lift.

(There’s a sentence I never thought I’d write).

Yesterday I tweeted that a customer asked me to record a script in the style of an ‘elderly, slightly naughty, posh’ character.

I thought it’d be fun to do a bit of the voice on Twitter, just for kicks.

Here it is. Have a listen.

A colleague saw the Tweet, listened to the voiceover audio and dropped me a line.

He asked me if we could develop the character and use it in his radio show.

Within 10 minutes, I’d voiced a demo, sent it to him, got his approval and BOOM it’s being broadcast on Saturday morning!

Who knew Twitter could be such an effective way of communicating ideas?!

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Who Do You Think I Am?
Who Do You Think I Am?
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