Sep 1 • 12M

Eavesdrop on a radio station branding voiceover session

No-one outside the studio EVER gets to hear this stuff.

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Emma Clarke
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This session audio gives you a behind-the-scenes insight into how a pro voiceover approaches a radio station branding script.


An example of radio station branding is when you hear a voiceover saying the name of the station, its frequency (for instance, “You’re listening to Dubai Eye 103.8.”).

The bits where you hear the station’s phone number, presenter names, competitions, news intros and so on - they’re all examples of radio station branding.

Voicing this stuff might seem like a doddle. It’s just little bits of lines, innit?

How hard can it be?

It’s a delicate business.

The voice has to embody the radio station’s brand values. The voice must match the music style, the presenting style, the age and culture of the target audience and even its logo.

To do that, the read of each line has to nail all those objectives.

It really is proper difficult.


In this podcast, you’ll hear me tweaking the direction of my delivery ever so slightly.

These are all the bits nobody ever gets to hear.

It’s totally, completely ‘behind-the-scenes.’

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