Mar 9 • 7M

What happens when heavy machinery is being used right outside your sound studio?

And your electricity goes off at the same time. How would you cope?

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Emma Clarke
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Sometimes you’ve just gotta surrender to events.

As I write this, a massive digger is churning up my driveway.* There’s also the occasional pneumatic drill.

It’s not so much the noise. It’s the vibration that’s the issue.

Have a listen to what the sound-proofing is managing to cut out.


You see what I’m up against?

The electricity keeps getting turned off as the engineers fix a cable. It’s also snowing. This means we have little or no heating.

As you can imagine, it’s a right laugh.

This is in no way conducive to creating ideal working conditions here at the sound studio at Clarke Gables.

So how to handle it?

Have a listen to the audio at the top of the page and find out.

*At this point I’m very glad we didn’t go ahead with the block paving.


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